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August 18, 2009

There’s a new blog in town

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That’s right there is a new blog in town. As you can see from my profile photo I’m somebody who doesn’t want the government trampling my rights and freedoms. Because of this point of view me,and people like me, who dare to raise our voices and speak truth to power are called angry mobs,Nazi’s, violent -not yet anyway- and many other interesting adjectives.

The current crowd in Washington -and by crowd I mean primarily the left- have become so arrogant that they believe we exist to serve them. Well I’ve got news for ya Pelosi , Reid,and Obama, that ain’t the way it is . YOU PEOPLE WORK FOR US. Furthermore next election We The People are going to drive that point home and fire your a—es.

Well now you know where I stand. I stand for truth, justice, and the American way. In this day and age that makes me an extremist. My God they would come unglued and go into convulsions if John Wayne were to suddenly come back.

Come to think of it we could use a new John Wayne or Ronald Reagan about now.

Yup there’s a new blog in town, and before long the American people are going to show these lugnuts that there is a new sheriff in town


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