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August 25, 2009

Silent No Longer

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This is my second post on Political Quick Reads. I’m a working class man, the son of a working man. I remember as a boy growing up in the sixties,and I remember ninteen sixty eight quite well. This was a summer of rebelllion.

Unfortunately it was mostly anti American, blame America first stuff. I seem to remember at the time and afterward the talking heads referred to it as the summer of discontent.

Well just as those on the left had their watershed moment in 1968 when they profoundly altered, and changed the directoin of this nation. The repercussions of which are being felt to this present time.

We have had our summer of discontent. In the late sixties early seventies someone coined the phrase “Silent Majority. and linked it with what was called the “Vocal minority”. Well the silent majority is being heard and this is our chance to profoundly change the direction of this nation.

The vocal minority had nothing to do with race, but rather, ideology. The Silent Majority represented those folks who believed in the ideal of America, as well as ,the traditions of this country.

The vocal minority on the other hand blamed the ills of the world on America and eschewed traditional American Ideals.

I have been a member of the Silent Majority for too long. But things have become so serious that I can remain silent no longer. I have heard that the latest polls show conservatives outnumber liberals two to one. It’s time for us to “seize” the day, and write, publish, and organize as much as we can to help bring this country back to its foundational, and, Constitutional principles.

The silent majority cannot afford to be silent any longer


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