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September 11, 2009

An Original American Radical

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Thomas Jefferson an original American radical. If o’l Tom were alive today he would probably be branded an “extremist”

Thomas Jefferson, scholar, diplomat, revolutionary,scientist,president. In many was a man born out of time. A genius whose ideas and thoughts still shape our world generations after his death.

This intellectual giant was part of a class of extraordinary men who dreamed of freedom and made it happen. Guided by the principles of the word of God, and the Bible’s emphasis on freedom, these men-not only dreamed of-but brought into existence-freedom unmatched in human history.

These men dreamed a dream of freedom, of self determination, and an ideal that said “government is but a necessary evil”

What would Mr. Jefferson think of some of the events happening in our time.? Would he say that those who are angry over government usurpation of power-as well as -a total disregard for the Constitution- are extremist,out of control, an angry mob?

I think he would, but he would say such things, from the public’s point of view. He would realize that the people-in their wisdom- were rightfully outraged by the shenanigans of a rogue government.

Listen to Thomas Jefferson in his own words.

“The happiness of governments like ours-wherein the people are truly the mainspring-is that they are never to be despaired of. When an evil becomes so glaring as to strike them generally-they arouse themselves-and it is redressed”

This man had a head on his shoulders. He realized that the driving force of this nation was not the government but the people.

He knew that all real progress, change, security and freedom, lay not in governmental control, but in the wisdom and genius of the people.

Today we have a government that seems to have forgotten that the people are the master. Mr. Jefferson understood that the true role of government was to serve the people, and to provide, an atmosphere, where they could achieve Their goals and aspirations, not bow, scrape,and serve, an out of control government.

Where would Thomas Jefferson stand today, squarely on the side of townhallers, and teaparty people, and anyone else who yearned for freedom and SELF determination,not government fiat.


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