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September 5, 2013

No war against Syria

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Much has been said lately about our need to attack Syria because of it’s use of so-called WMD’s . In this case of course we are talking about the use of sarin gas by some one inside Syria. 

To date I have yet to see any hard evidence  to prove that this outrage was carried out by the Syrian government. Indeed it may well have been the rebels themselves, who either willingly ,or by mistake,released the gas on their own people.

Perhaps Bashar Assad did do it. Who knows? No one that’s who. If the President has such hard evidence it would behoove him to present said evidence directly to the American people. Instead all we get is a steady drum beat of ” we must act”.

I’m not convinced. In fact I think to get involved in this maelstrom would be nothing less than stupid. It appears at the present time that at least half if not more of the various groups arrayed against Assad are themselves affiliated with either Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood, or Al-Qaeda. Non of these groups can be said to be friends to America. In fact Al Qaeda is our sworn enemy!

It is ironic that on the eve of 9/11 or President who criticized George Bush for “lying about weapons of mass destruction” should argue that we go to war against Syria on what appears to be rather shaky ground. What’s more Obama constantly critisized the Iraq war as illegal,a waste of resources,a recruitment tool for Al Qaeda etc.etc.

How is it the the once great protester of the “wanton use of force” by America should be calling for such a reckless response by this country now?

We managed to get out of Iraq by the skin of our teeth. Since then under this Presidents watch we have had the debacle of Libya with an Ambassador dead along with three members of his security detail. Egypt is burning and in the throes of civil war herself. Our allies as well as our enemies hold us in contempt and this President is seen the world over as being weak and indecisive.

War with Syria? I think not ! Our previous experience-as well as this Presidents record to date- tells me we had best to sit this one out!


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