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September 8, 2013

Will Syria lead to a war with Russia


Friday September 2,2013 the L.A.Times reported…”

“Russia bolsters naval presence near Syria, will continue to aid Assad”

The article continues on to state….”MOSCOW  — Russia will continue to supply weapons to Syria in the event of a U.S. military strike, President Vladimir Putin said Friday, as three naval ships headed to the eastern Mediterranean to bolster the country’s fleet near the Syrian coast.”.

Not a good situation. Here we are seemingly on a headlong rush to make war on Syria. We are massing our warships near Syria,gearing up to take action if and when one of two things happens. Congress gives approval to President Obama’s request for approval to take action against Syria,or,Obama just goes ahead and gives the order to attack anyway in defiance of not only Congress but also an overwhelmingly large section of the American public!

What could be the result of all this? Well one could be-seeing as how Putin has vowed to help Syria- that Russian warships take direct action against American warships. Another possible result could be an accidental confrontation between our forces and theirs that could quickly spiral out of control and lead to something totally unforeseen.

President Obama is playing with fire here,and you know the old maxim,play with fire and your bound to get burned! This is a very dangerous game Obama is playing at this point. It is becoming harder and harder for this writer to see any good coming out of this. Already their are accusations of “mission creep” being leaked out of the Pentagon,and as for “no boots on the ground” that is becoming increasingly less likely with every hour.

It has been said that the credibility of America is at stake here. Well the same can now be said of Russia and Vladimir Putin. Putin is now on the record as being willing,and obviously able,to send in forces to back up its promise to stand with Assad.

What began as a plan for “limited military strikes to punish Assad” is already beginning to take on a life of it’s own. President Obama needs to remember the law of unintended consequences. Apparently he failed to learn the lessons of Iraq. What may well start out as an action with good intentions-although questionable here-can get out of control in the blink of an eye.

What we are beginning to see is a modern day version of brinkmanship. I fear that if cooler heads do not prevail then we will see something that no one expected when this first began,a full blown war between the United States and Russia. If this happens we all lose!



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