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September 14, 2013

We are supporting this?

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The Cross of Christ

The headline that I read last night said” Syrian Rebels cut mans throat!” I could not believe it! What was even worse was that there were graphic and disturbing pictures showing the entire thing-pictures which I chose not to look at-but what bothered me the most was the idea that at this very time our government is sending arms to butchers such as these who have no regard for human life!

The story said nothing about the man except to speculate that he was a supporter of the government of Syria. I couldn’t help but wonder, was this man a Christian? Well turns out that He was. I don’t blame him for supporting Assad. Assad has been the only thing standing between him and the Muslim murderers who finally, unmercifully, cut his throat and took his life.

His sad story and the story of one of the worlds oldest Christian towns is recounted here…Syria Christian ‘made to convert at gunpoint’ the article details how the Christian citizens of this town wee trated by the ant-government insurgents and specifically how one young Christian man died a most horrible death. What follows is a brief excerpt from that article….

“Another resident, Rasha, recounted how the jihadists had seized her fiance Atef, who belonged to the town’s militia, and brutally murdered him.

“I rang his mobile phone and one of them answered,” she said.

“Good morning, Rashrush,” a voice answered, using her nickname. “We are from the Free Syrian Army. Do you know your fiance was a member of the shabiha (pro-regime militia) who was carrying weapons, and we have slit his throat.”

The man told her Atef had been given the option of converting to Islam, but had refused.

“Jesus didn’t come to save him,” he taunted.”

Theses are just some of the folks our President has decided to support and send weapons to. Weapons that can be used against anyone who refuses their sick demands to convert to Islam! Our President is supporting theses scum quite possibly in violation of our own law!. And to make matters worse this happened in the shadow of the anniversary of 9-11!

Something is terribly terribly wrong about this picture. I have suspected for some time that Mr. Obama is  a secret sympathizer of radical Islam. People who questioned the fact that he was raised as a Muslim have been ridiculed,but,when one looks at his track record,aside from killing Osama bin Lade-this President has all too often sided with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, discredited President of Egypt Morsi,and now this!

Do we as a nation-one that is made up predominantly of Christians- really want to throw our support behind butchering animals like these?



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