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September 5, 2009

We The People

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The Constitution of The United States of America. In my view one of the greatest documents in the history of mankind. Surpassed only by the Bible.

In fact in my opinion this document is close to holy writ, and is without a doubt inspired by God.

The Constitution has brough tunprecedented freedom, prosperity, security,and stability to,not only the United States,but the entire world.

Because of the words- penned over 200 years ago-in this text people have been guaranteed freedoms that preceding generations only dreamed of.

We can pick our own leaders, hold them accountable, and demand they do OUR will. Not the other way around.
As a result of this Nation being formed, and this precious document being created freedom has not only blossemed in America, but has also began to spread around the world.

This country-guided by the principles set forth in the Constitution- has set entire peoples free from the strangle hold of tyrants and dictators time and time again.

The world has beaten a path to our door seeking the freedom,peace,prosperityand security that is afforded by The Constitution.

Alas today our Constitution is under attack like never before. It’s time that We The People demand that our elected leaders return to the Constitution.If they refuse they must be turned out of office period.
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